Island of Dreams

Island of dreams
Come to me –
Rest. I feel your
Weariness. Let my
Peace ease your
Pain. My solitude
Will not be burdensome
Rainbows colour your world
Sunshine warms you
Stillness soothes
Your troubled soul
Come to me – I will
Give you solace
Even unto the final parting.
– Jeanne Burbage

Written shortly after my father’s passing in 1983 – Just located it recently in a collection of writings.


The Grand Canyon Part 2

Following up on the analogy of traveling through life in a
boat on the Colorado River along the Grand Canyon I thought we should further
consider the boat and the people who are with us.

It goes without saying that we should not try this voyage alone
– there are always people that we can and should invite to share our
journey.   If you truly feel that you are alone – you
must remember that you can invite God along as your co-pilot.  It is imperative that the people whom we
invite to share our passage are truly there for us.  How often have we allowed someone to be
included who does not have our best interests at heart or who has battered us
with negativity and abuse?  Our self
esteem is diminished by words and deeds of these people.  We need to row the boat over to the nearest
shore and politely ask these people to leave our boat.  We will re-enter the river of life – leaving
those folks behind.  We can wish them
well and continue on our way.  Our
emotions and reactions to leaving them behind is crucial to your personal and
future growth and success in life.   We must continue on with peace and love in our
hearts.  If there is any residual
negativity in our hearts we will continue to attract negativity into our lives.

Now that the negative influences have been removed from our
“boat” we must include people who fulfill several roles.  In the real boats that navigate the river in
the Grand Canyon there are the experienced guides who know the way and
understand the perils as well as the grandeur that lies ahead.   That person in our boat could be a personal
coach, a spiritual advisor (minister, priest, etc), a parent, anyone who
understands and sees with Greater Vision and is in tune with the vibrational
energy that is our universe.  Our other
travelling companions must be people who love our real, inner self without
reservation and are there to encourage us to be our best.  On the river everyone works together to
navigate the boat safely through the rapids.
The  team in our boat should also
work harmoniously to help us through the turbulent times as well as to cheer us
on when life is full of wonder and beauty.   Opposing forces will bring negative energy
into our lives.  As the captain of our
life (“our boat”) we are responsible for all the choices that are made.  When we were a child we were in the “boat”
captained and piloted by our parents. They did the best they knew with the
knowledge and skills they had.    We have a new understanding of how the “boat”
should be captained and since we can’t take the “boat” back upstream – we move
forward with all the new tools and knowledge that has been revealed to us.  How burdensome and useless to portage that
boat back upstream on our shoulders weighed down with past mistakes, anger,
resentment and disappointment.   Now that we are adults we are in charge of who
comes along and must give love and appreciation to “our crew”.  If we have children of our own we have a
special responsibility to demonstrate how the journey of life can be
accomplished with grace, love and gratitude.
We will make mistakes – no one comes through the passage from birth to
death without making mistakes along the way.
We must acknowledge our mistakes, ask forgiveness of anyone that we have
wronged along the way and remember that forgiveness is also freely given by our

Who is in your boat?

The Grand Canyon

Last night I watched and was inspired by a video, that was
set to a sound track of classical music, of white water rafters on the Colorado
River through the Grand Canyon.  As I
viewed the program I reflected that the ride is not unlike our ride through
life.  There are peaceful, quiet times
where we float along – and if we are in spirit and in balance we marvel,
celebrate and give thanks for the beauty around us.  When the waters get tumultuous we hang on for
dear life and put our trust in a power greater than ourselves. We think we are
in control but there is a hand guiding our boat and protecting us from
harm.  It is during these times that we
often forget that that hand is there.
And we often curse the water and forget to notice the breathtaking
beauty around us and give thanks to the Creator who created it. Even those
rocks, boulders and waves are important in our spiritual growth. As we steer
our boat away from the rocks and come through the crashing waves we have
mastered so many skills.  With all that
is going on around us we need to stay calm in our boat or we will surely run
amok.  When we once again reach the
serene stretches we need to remember and give thanks for the strength and
skills we gained as we negotiated those rough waters.  Those experiences taught us much about how to
approach the next difficult stretch which we know is somewhere around the next
bend in the river  – they are inevitable
as we go through life. We need to remember that inner serenity is essential at
all points along that journey.  How do we
find that inner serenity?  That will be
different for each of us.  Prayer to our
God and faith will certainly bring peace as Jesus calmed the waters on the Sea
of Galilee.

ow HoHo

And we must consider
who is in the boat with us.  Do we have
we people who love us, whom we love and whom we can trust?  We need wise guides with experience and
skills to see us safely through the “river of life” and friends and family who sometimes
need to lend a hand to help see us through to the peaceful waters.  These are the people who celebrate your
successes and your shining inner spirit and hold tight to you in times of
trouble.  Who is in your boat with you?

As I contemplated the sheer rock face of the canyon I
visualized the codes of conduct, societal mores, or teachings from the Bible,
Koran or other holy books that keep us from straying too far off path that we
are destined to travel.  If we break any
of these universally accepted rules of honesty, truth, love of thy neighbour
and love of God we will certainly flounder and face serious consequences.

May your ride down the river of life inspire you with its
beauty and give you skills and strength to face everything on the water.  May you use your hearts and eyes to mark the
beauty that God has given us to enrich our lives here on our earthly journey
during the peaceful days and most especially during the turbulent times.

Smooth sailing to one and all